Form API is for the submission of forms to the system.

POST api/forms/create?location={location}&formLayout={formLayout}&creator={creator}&isDraft={isDraft}&enforceMandatory={enforceMandatory}

Submits a new form to the site.

GET api/forms?f_node={f_node}&start={start}&count={count}&includeAccessLevel={includeAccessLevel}&orderBy={orderBy}&filterText={filterText}&filterBy={filterBy}&filterExact={filterExact}&filterStatus={filterStatus}&viewID={viewID}&customFields={customFields}&includeSubs={includeSubs}&metaFilters={metaFilters}

Returns a list of Forms

GET api/forms/formdetails/{formID}

Returns form details including parent and workflow information


View and update timesheeting information

GET api/timesheet/status/{id}?weekEnding={weekEnding}

Gets the timesheet status for a specified user for a given time period.

GET api/timesheet/status?from={from}&to={to}&status={status}&group={group}&profileFilter={profileFilter}

Fetch a list of users who have/haven't submitted timesheets for a given date range.

GET api/timesheet?week={week}&user={user}&project={project}

Returns a full list of timesheet data

GET api/timesheet/summary?week={week}&user={user}&project={project}

Returns a timesheet summary, all users and the projects they are timesheeted against including the total hours for that project per week

PUT api/timesheet

Ingest timesheet information, each record is for a user per week.

PUT api/timesheet/weekly

Ingest timesheet information, each record is for a user per week and can have an entry for each day.

PUT api/timesheet/actuals

Ingest Actuals to be used for the budget calculations for projects.

DELETE api/timesheet/actuals?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}

Delete Actuals from the Table (if no dates specified the table is cleared fully)

GET api/timesheet/GeOverdueTsApprovers?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}&taskTimesheeting={taskTimesheeting}

List users with an outstanding Timesheet approval


GET api/scim/v2/groups

Returns a list of Groups

GET api/scim/v2/groups/{scimId}

Returns the specified Group if found

POST api/scim/v2/groups

Creates a new Group

PUT api/scim/v2/groups/{scimId}

Modifies the specified Group.

DELETE api/scim/v2/groups/{scimId}

Deletes the specified Group


Data API allows interaction with the meta associated with assets or forms and also to edit values in attribute matrices

PUT api/bulkingest{reportid}?dataFile={dataFile}

Process Bulk Ingest report

GET api/roles?includeDisabled={includeDisabled}&includeVariants={includeVariants}

Get a list of Roles in the system

GET api/meta/{id}/tree?mode={mode}

Return item meta data tree structure

GET api/meta/{id}?mode={mode}

View the Meta Fields and values saved for this item

PUT api/meta/{id}?mode={mode}&clearGroup[0]={clearGroup[0]}&clearGroup[1]={clearGroup[1]}&addBodyToAudit={addBodyToAudit}&updateWFActivity={updateWFActivity}&clearPartialRows={clearPartialRows}&enforceMandatory={enforceMandatory}

Update meta values, note that updating fields that drive dependencies, calculations or linked items are not fully supported.

GET api/matrix?filter={filter}

Returns a List of all Data Matrices

GET api/matrix/data/{id}?sheet={sheet}&version={version}

Returns the data of a matrix

GET api/matrix/simple/{id}?sheet={sheet}&version={version}

Returns the data of a matrix

GET api/matrix/{id}

Returns the details and structure of a matrix

DELETE api/matrix/{id}

Disables a Matrix

POST api/matrix/{id}/version?name={name}&parentVersion={parentVersion}&isDefault={isDefault}

Adds a new version to a matrix.

PUT api/attribute/bulk/{type}

Performs a bulk insert of attribute values into one or more attribute lists, based on tagging info.

PUT api/attribute/row?type={type}

Adds one or more attribute values to an Attribute List, specified by type (name or ID). If the value already exists, it'll be updated if needed and enabled. If the value doesn't exist it'll be inserted.

PUT api/attribute/row

Adds one or more attribute values to an Attribute List. If the value already exists, it'll be updated if needed and enabled. If the value doesn't exist it'll be inserted.

PUT api/matrix/{id}/row?sheet={sheet}&version={version}&enableRow={enableRow}&sortByColumnType={sortByColumnType}

Adds a row of data to a matrix sheet, when a matrix has a unique identifier set on a column the row will be updated if it already exists.

PUT api/matrix/row/{type}?sheet={sheet}&version={version}

Adds a row of data to a matrix sheet, when a matrix has a unique identifier set on a column the row will be updated if it already exists. The matrix is specified by type, and optionally tags (with the tags in key=value pairs in the query string)

DELETE api/matrix/{id}/row?sheet={sheet}&version={version}&useIdentifier={useIdentifier}

Deletes\Disables a row of data from a matrix sheet

POST api/matrix/clone/{source}?matrixTitle={matrixTitle}&cloneMatrixData={cloneMatrixData}

Clones an existing matrix / ratecard, optionally updating the tagging, and optionally retaining the existing data.

PUT api/matrix/{id}?sheet={sheet}&version={version}

Overwrite a Matrix version with a full data set, this should not be used to update existing rates or add items to existing rate card. It should primarily be used to load the initial values after creating a new version

GET api/layout/{id}

View the layout (Meta Field labels, GUIDS and types) for this item

DELETE api/attributetable/{id}?keyVal={keyVal}

Delete attribute table row

POST api/attributetable/{id}

Creates a new attribute table row

PUT api/attributetable/{id}?keyVal={keyVal}

Update an existing attribute table row

GET api/attributetable

Returns List of current attribute tables


Works with the users within the system

GET api/users?emailFilter={emailFilter}&nameFilter={nameFilter}&groupID={groupID}&active={active}&activeAndInactive={activeAndInactive}&filterText={filterText}&filterBy={filterBy}&filterExact={filterExact}&customFields={customFields}&includeCreateDate={includeCreateDate}&includeGroups={includeGroups}

Returns a list of Users

GET api/users/{id}

Returns User Details

GET api/users/UserDetails?username={username}

Returns User Details by username

GET api/users/me

Returns Current User Details

POST api/users

Create a new User (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

PUT api/users/{id}

Update the User Details

DELETE api/users/{id}?scheduledDate={scheduledDate}&assignUserID={assignUserID}

De-Activate a User (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

PUT api/users/{id}/activate

Activate a User (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

GET api/users/{id}/role

Returns a users active role

POST api/users/{id}/role?reassign={reassign}&autoAddRole={autoAddRole}&caseSensitiveRole={caseSensitiveRole}

Create a new role for a User (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

POST api/UserAPI?copyUserMeta={copyUserMeta}

No documentation available.

POST api/UserAPI?uID={uID}

No documentation available.

POST api/UserAPI?roleID={roleID}

No documentation available.


SCIM provisioning support.

GET api/scim/v2/users

Returns a list of Users

GET api/scim/v2/users/{scimId}

Returns the specified User if found

POST api/scim/v2/users

Creates a new user

PUT api/scim/v2/users/{scimId}

Modifies the specified user.

DELETE api/scim/v2/users/{scimId}

Deletes the specified User


GET api/scim/v2/ResourceTypes

Get all available Resource Types

GET api/scim/v2/ResourceTypes/{resourceType}

Get the specified Resource Type


Workflow API is for the sending items on workflows

PUT api/workflows/{id}?action={action}&comment={comment}&editor={editor}&queued={queued}

Update a workflow (run an action, and/or edit the workflow item)

POST api/workflows?id={id}&location={location}&workflow={workflow}&comment={comment}&creator={creator}&clone={clone}

Sends a form on a workflow.


SCIM provisioning support.

GET api/scim/ServiceProviderConfig

Return serive provider config

GET api/scim/Schemas

Return all schemes

GET api/scim/Schemas/{resourceType}

Return resource type

GET api/scim/ResourceTypes

Return all resource types

GET api/scim/ResourceTypes/{resourceType}

Return all resource type

POST api/scim/users

Create a new User (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

GET api/scim/users?startIndex={startIndex}&count={count}

Returns a list of Users

GET api/scim/users/{id}

Returns User Details

PATCH api/scim/users/{id}

Update the User Details

DELETE api/scim/users/{id}

De-Activate a User(Available to Admin Accounts Only)


Works with the groups within the system

GET api/groups?nameFilter={nameFilter}&tag={tag}&active={active}

Returns a list of Groups

POST api/groups

Create a new Group (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

PUT api/groups/{id}

Update a group name or description (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

PUT api/groups/{id}/members?field={field}&clearGroup={clearGroup}

Add a list of Users to a group (Available to Admin Accounts Only)

DELETE api/groups/{id}/members?field={field}

Remove a list of Users from a group (Available to Admin Accounts Only)


GET api/scim/v2/schemas

Get a list of available Schemas

GET api/scim/v2/schemas/{schema}

Get the specified Schema


View and update timesheeting information

GET api/resource?startDate={startDate}&endDate={endDate}&project={project}&user={user}

Returns a full list of resource information that have been assigned to a user

DELETE api/resource/booking?id={id}&identifierType={identifierType}

Delete a resource booking, by task or booking ID

POST api/resource/booking?retrospectiveBooking={retrospectiveBooking}

Adds/Edits a resource booking in the Resource Manager

DELETE api/ResourceAPI?GUID={GUID}&rmID={rmID}

No documentation available.


Works with the tasks within the system

GET api/tasks?id={id}&showAssignedDetails={showAssignedDetails}&filterMyTask={filterMyTask}&age={age}

Returns a list of Tasks

GET api/tasks/{id}

Returns Task Details

POST api/tasks/{projectid}?phase={phase}

Add a New Task

PUT api/tasks/{id}

Update a Task

DELETE api/tasks/{id}

Delete a Task

PUT api/tasks/status/{id}?status={status}

Update a Task Status only

PUT api/tasks/runqueue/{id}?timesheet={timesheet}&template={template}

Update queued tasks rm data to sync with task data


Allows interaction with a file, upload, download and viewing file details

GET api/file/{id}

Gets the file information for this file id

GET api/file/download/{id}

Downloads a file from the site vault.

POST api/file/upload/{id}?creator={creator}&description={description}

Uploads a new file to a specific destination or if the id is an existing file it uploads as a new version

POST api/file/uploadsftp/{id}?connectionID={connectionID}&filename={filename}&creator={creator}&description={description}

Uploads a new file to a specific destination or if the id is an existing file it uploads as a new version


Works with the projects within the system

GET api/projects?f_node={f_node}&start={start}&count={count}&includeSubs={includeSubs}&includeSubProjects={includeSubProjects}&includeLayout={includeLayout}&includeAccessLevel={includeAccessLevel}&orderBy={orderBy}&filterText={filterText}&filterBy={filterBy}&filterExact={filterExact}&projectName={projectName}&filterStatus={filterStatus}&viewID={viewID}&customFields={customFields}

Returns a list of Projects

GET api/projects/{id}

Returns Project Details for a particular project

GET api/projects/{id}/resources

Returns all users that are resourced on a project

PUT api/projects/budget?filterBy={filterBy}

Bulk-updates the financial/budgetary info for several projects.

PUT api/projects/status?id={id}&projectStatus={projectStatus}

updates a projects status to an allowed status

POST api/ProjectAPI?projectID={projectID}

No documentation available.


Folder API allows interaction with the folder structure, it is accessed with the api prefix api/folders

GET api/folders?name={name}

Returns top level Folders (Work Boxes)

GET api/folders/{id}

Returns information on the folder

GET api/folders/{id}/contents

Returns a list of all content in this folder (i.e. Folders, Files and Links)

PUT api/folders/{id}?name={name}&description={description}

Update a folders details

POST api/folders/{id}?name={name}&description={description}

Creates a New folder

DELETE api/folders/{id}

Deletes the folder and its contents from the system


Search API allows User to search the entire system

GET api/search?phrase={phrase}&limit={limit}

Runs a basic search on the entire system, only searches the items name


GET api/scim/v2/serviceproviderconfig

Get the Service Provider Configuration